Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Version Of Moore's Law

Energy, not speed, is the new metric in technology.

Koomey's Law more important than Moore's Law? If the computing is now taking place on the cloud, does speed of processor matter any more?

Or is battery life of device connected (not speed) take priority?

Energy replaces speed for technology growth performance.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Are Dell and Microsoft's Days Numbered?

Are Microsoft and Dell's days numbered?

Cloud computing, tablets and Internet enabled mobile devices are killing the growth of PC sales and traffic via PC.

2015 Marks End Of PC Era

By 2015, adoption of smartphones and tablets in the U.S. will result in more users accessing the Internet through mobile devices than via desktop PCs, according to IDC’s forecast.

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A Groupon Hurts Local Business Reputation

Groupon's Hidden Influence on Reputation  - Technology Review
a Groupon deal seems to have an adverse impact on reputation as measured by Yelp ratings

Not only does the business model stink, a group buying event hurts the reputation of a local business.

I think Groupon will be a phenomenon. In that it will set a record for not only generating $1b in revenue faster than any other company, and go bankrupt faster too.

First To File Versus First To Invent

What Effects Will the America Invents Act Have on U.S. Patent Law?
One such fundamental change is the shift to a "first-to-file" system, in which a patent is granted to the first person to apply, from a "first-to-invent" system, in which it is granted to the first person to conceive of an invention and reduce it to practice.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Intellectual Property Stock

With the surge of acquisitions in the intellectual property space, I have created a list of publicly traded companies with patents that might be classified as disruptive.

In my book, How To Find Big Stocks, I discuss how intellectual property is the new "raw material" for the U.S. economy and the Internet is the new manufacturing and distribution system.

Patents and ways to monetize them, represent a huge investable wave coming.

Intellectual Property Stocks

STOP!!! Visit the updated list at 


The intellectual property news is fast and furious, so I keep the updated the list of patent play stocks here:

ETF Exchange Traded Fund for Intellectual Property Ocean Tomo Patent OTP


22nd Century Group XXII IP modifying nicotine XXII

Broadcast Marketing Group (acquisition of LoCatl Global) GPS tracking     BDCM

GraphOn CorpGOJO IP for virtualization/ cloud computing GOJO

CrossRoads Systems CRDS IP for virtualization CRDS

Cyclone Power Technologies all-fuel, clean-tech Cyclone Engine    CYPW

AugMe Technologies (formerly Modavox) AUGT mobile advertising mobile device content rendering AUGT
(Discovered under $2)

Fibrocell Science autologous personal cell therapy FCSC

cMoney CMEY SMS commerce/ mobile money transfer cMoney

Mitek Systems MITK mobile phone scan image (email check) MITK
(Discovered under $1)

Network 1 Security NSSI power over ethernet NSSI

 a method for detecting the amount of electricity needed to power specific devices in an Ethernet network. story

Wi-Lan WILN Wifi portfolio WILN

Poynt PYN.V Mobile content delivery/geofencing "mobile Groupon" PYN.V
(Discovered under .03)

Adamis Pharma ADMP cancer vaccine ADMP

Parametric Sound PAMT directional beam of sound PAMT

Network Engines NEI digital fingerprint for physical, virtual cloud NEI

RTG Ventures RTGV digital music RTGV

TeleCommunications Systems TSYS LBS/SMS TSYS

RPX Corp RPXC Patent defense RPXC

Interdigital IDCC IDCC
(Discovered under $5)

VirnetX VHC 4G VHC uniquely positioned
(Discovered under $2)

RTG Ventures RTGV Define and tag media content RTGV

Advanced Voice Recognition AVOI voice recognition AVOI

WordLogic WLGC predictive text WLGC

MDVX behavioral targeting..acquired by AugMe

Ceelox CELO biometrically enable encryption CELO

Immersion IMMR haptics/ sensing technology IMMR

Patriot Scientific PTSC co-owner of Moore Microprocessor portfolio PTSC

BioModa BMOD cancer detection in liquids BMOD

Parkervision PRKR RF receivers PRKR

Homeland Security Corp HSCC Cyber security storage HSSC

Kraig Biocraft Lab KBLB Spider silk KBLB

Lightwave Logic LWLG Electro optical device LWLG

MaxSound MAXD Audio to high definition MAXD

Calypso Wireless CLYW ASNAP seamless switching cell to wifi/satellite CLYW
(Discovered under .05)

Verisante VRSEF skin cancer detection VRSEF

Wave Systems WAVX Trusted drives WAVX

Genetic Technologies GENE junk DNA/genomic mapping GENE 
(Discovered under $1)

Acacia Research ACTG Patent monetizing ACTG
(Discovered under $3)

TiVo Internet to TV TIVO

Destiny Media DSNY video on mobile adaption DSNY

Openwave Systems OPWV smartphone connection to Net OPWV

Trident Microsystems TRID digital TV set top box TRID

Universal Display PANL organic light emitting diodes OLED PANL

Quantum Materials quantum dots and solar cell processing QTMM QTMM
MIPS Technologies MIPS home entertainment processor MIPS

MAKO Surgical MAKO haptics for robotic surgery MAKO

SITO streaming and routing media SITO

Worldgate WGAT video telephony WGAT

Trovagene transrenal DNA and RNA TROV TROV

Local.com keyword specific ad referrals based on user input via operator, SMS, WAP, or voice LOCM

Virtualscopics proprietary image-based biomarker analytical tools VSCP

Health Discovery Corp Support Vector Machine (SVM) technology. SVM is one of the leading approaches to pattern recognition and machine learning worldwide HDVY (lots of applications)

Accelr8 rapid DNA and protein diagnostics AXK

Rosetta Genomics microRNA personalized medicine ROSG

Microvision pico projection, MEMS and display technology MVIS

Neomedia Technologies  resolving a machine readable identifier (barcodr, rfid tag, voice) and providing link to Internet NEOM

ID Systems access control for remote mobile assets (auto and luggage tracking) IDSY

GigOptix  fiberoptic component (Thin Film on Polymer Semiconductor TFPS) GGOX

OPTI Inc various semiconductor IP (active litigant) OPTI

Star Scientific tobacco curing toxin reduction CIGX

Akami internet conferencing AKAM

Unilife injectable drug delivery UNIS

Tegal nanolayer deposition technology TGAL

SpectraScience optical biposy method to determine if tissue is normal, precancerous, or cancerous SCIE

BioCurex universal cancer marker RECAF BOCX

Gevo  converting an ethanol producing yeast into an isobutanol producing one GEVO

Searches for patent plays.

TechMeme "key patent"

Seeking Alpha patent story search

Google "key patent"

Yahoo message board "key patent"

If you have a company you think should be added, add it to "Comment" or email me.

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